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 We offer timber based bedding in various forms. Whether it be bulk walking floor loads, skip loads, jumbo bags or baled.

We supply cubicle bedding to dairy cow farmers in various forms & quantities. This can be offered in the form of hammermilled sawdust in packed bales or white kiln dried softwood sawdust in packed Jumbo bags or bulk. Limex is also great for any farmer who likes to use lime in their cubicle bedding or has a problem with mastitis or any other bacteria this is sold in packed jumbo bags already premixed to the correct ratio with high-cal agricultural as well as hydrated lime. Wood peelings and larger chip is available for loose yards, sheep or cattle

While damp sawdust and other products can support the growth of many pathogens and bacteria. Kiln dried sawdust is heated to such a level that bacteria is destroyed & the sawdust constitutes of a natural material that has a DM of approximately 90%. This ensures the best absorption and the therefore the most comfortable, contaminant free area for your dairy cow to lie, leading to less health problems such as mastitis and better cow welfare.

LIMEX is a product which is pre mixed to the required ratios with High-Cal Agri lime and hydrated lime with our kiln Dried sawdust. The high cal lime not only acts as a carrying agent for our sawdust but also balances pH in your slurry therefor making it more beneficial The hydrated lime acts as a disinfectant therefor lowering cell count and risk of mastitis.

For the equine market we supply baled kiln dried softwood shavings as well bulk or bagged sawdust/shavings mix which offers great soakage and maintains a comfy bed for horses or ponies while maintaining fantastic value.

Carriage is available with price depending on location and quantity.


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  • Fine hammermilled sawdust
  • Softwood wood shavings

Jumbo Bags

  • Kiln dried softwood sawdust
    • Jumbo
    • Super Jumbo
    • Jumbo
    • Super Jumbo
  • Sawdust/Shavings
    • Jumbo
    • Super Jumbo


  • Kiln Dried softwood sawdust
  • Sawdust/Shavings Mix
  • Wood-peelings


  • Ton bag High Calcium powder
  • Ton bag Rhino Hydrated
  • Small bag Rhino Hydrated

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12 Drumcor Rd., Tempo, Co, Fermanagh, BT94 3FE